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Hola. I have a tail and I like to solo shit, as well, I sing songs. My character name is Azalee and I'm the shellholder of Pwnd. Yes, it's pink. We rock it like whoa.

With all the formalities out of the way, I'd just like to say hi to everyone. :) I'm new to LiveJournal (sorta) and ffxi_remora.

I have played FFXI since the North American release in November of 2003. My main is RDM at 75 and I'm lvling BRD currently, at 62ish. I'm considering BLM at 54 and NIN at 47 after I finish BRD. My biggest downfall: I like to procrastinate.

I'm proud to say that with Pwnd, we've taken over various small villages and completed many CoP missions. <3 to Jax and Memimi for not sucking. :P We're willing to accept anyone to our linkshell but we don't tolerate uncoolness. For example, no asking for money or powerlvls and respect one another. That's about it. We're registered on the FFXI community website with POL.

If anyone is ever in need of any help or mentor advice, let me know. ^^
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