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A returning player introducing herself.

Hello, I'm Nakashima. I've been playing FFXI since late November 2004, but in August 2005 stopped playing to take some time off. 6 Months later, I come back as if I took 6 days off. lol

Anyway, this is my character stats.

Name: Nakashima
Race: Mithra
Nation: Bastok
Rank: 5
Linkshell(s): TheTrueAlliance (Sackholder), SneakAttack (Sackholder, Bastok Only LS)
Jobs: RDM 43 (Main), BLM 23 (Sub), SMN 19, WHM 8, MNK 5, THF 5, BST 2, WAR 2

I'm willing to help anyone for missions 2-3, getting the keys to get the Kazham Airship pass, and the subjob quest. I hope to be of some service. ^_^
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