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Hey there! :3

Promised myself I'd hunt down what Remora community I could find on LJ, just took me a while to do it. Well guess I'll do the intro thing. I'm a 54 White Mage, (been playing for over 2 years now but I can procrastinate like whoah.) Subbing Summoner and occasionaly spanking Bard and Beast Master. I'm linkshell-less. I've been in about 6 I think but after a really bad experience in my noobsdays I've been put off them for life, and have so much difficulty finding people that are willing to help me as much as I'd be willing to help them. So as you can imagine a 54 WHM going it alone doesn't work too great. Now I have AF and rank missions screaming in my ears. 2 years and I'm only rank 4. ;_; So I thought i'd have a poke here and pimp my abilities. If anyone needs help give me a /tell. My name is Tory and I'm a hume male. So if anyone needs AF or rank missions and I'm online give me a /tell. I'm always willing to lend a hand so even if its a quest or your own AF, try me. ;)
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